Open Your Own Dog Daycare

... And how you can easily duplicate this system and do the same thing

IMPORTANT NOTE... Do you have a burning desire to stop working for someone else... to work with dogs... to make more money doing something you love?

Dog training expert and businessman, Eric Letendre, has already done the work for you... discover the secrets... the principles... the tricks... the strategies to help you launch and operate a successful dog daycare business.

Because inside this website you'll be given the exact steps you need to follow to start your own dog daycare. Steps like:

  • Finding the right location
  • Getting your first 50 customers
  • What legal forms you need
  • Dog behavior skills you need to know
  • How to get vets to promote your dog daycare
  • Benefits of starting a dog daycare
  • Start up costs you need to know about
  • Advertising your dog daycare
  • How to get free publicity
  • Professional dog training techniques to help you
  • How to price your service
  • Additional services to offer
  • Business plan to use
  • Low-cost marketing techniques

...Using the EXACT SYSTEM Eric Letendre has used to help others open their own dog daycare businesses.

Keep reading to learn how you can do the same...

From the Desk of Rachael White

Dear Friend,

Think for a moment... What would it be like to have your own dog daycare business? A business that you enjoy working in? A business that...

  • Let's you work with dogs everyday
  • Helps dog owners by providing a very important service
  • Makes as much as $750 a day
  • Is closed nights, weekends and holidays
  • Is recession proof
  • Is in demand and growing
  • Can open in 21 days or less
  • Is fun
  • And much more...

If you've dreamed of starting your own dog daycare but have felt something holding you back, now is the time to stop dreaming and start doing. Right now is the best time to open your own dog daycare.

3 Common Myths About Opening A Dog Daycare

Myth #1: Right now is a bad time to start a business – Wrong! Right now is the best time to open any pet related business. Pet related businesses are recession proof. Pet owners spent over 63 BILLION in 2007 and that number continues to rise.

Myth #2: You have to know a lot about dogs and dog behavior – Knowing about dogs and dog behavior is a plus, but you don't have to know everything about dogs. In just a few minutes, you'll discover how you can learn all you need to know about dog behavior from a world famous dog training expert.

Myth #3: It takes a lot of money – Not true! There are many dog daycare businesses that have been started on a shoestring. In fact, I'll share a story of how one dog daycare was started with less than $1000.

The good news is you can EASILY learn the steps you need to know to open your own dog daycare!

Fortunately, there is a solution and step-by-step system anyone can follow to open their own dog daycare business!

Meet Eric Letendre, aka "The Amazing Dog Training Man," and discover the same secrets he has taught others to use to open successful dog daycare businesses.

If you've never heard of Eric Letendre, don't be embarrassed. Eric is one of THE most highly viewed dog trainers on with over 2.5 million views of his dog training videos. Starting his first dog daycare back 1995, he will take you step-by-step though his SYSTEM that will help you open and run a successful dog daycare business.

As President of American Canine, Eric has helped thousands of people train their dogs, and when he sold his pet care center in 2006, he went full-time into helping others learn how they can be successful in the pet industry, because he knows first-hand what it takes to be successful running a dog daycare.

Eric is also the Dog Training Expert and author of the book IMPACT Marketing. With a unique blend of dog training and business experience, he can show you what pitfalls to avoid and the steps to take to be successful in the pet industry.

In addition...

Eric has appeared in Off-Lead Magazine, Groomer to Groomer Magazine, has hosted his own radio show, authored two books, "The Amazing Dog Training Man," and "IMPACT Marketing" and more.

On that note, sign up today and get a "Special" eCourse delivered directly to your email inbox! Take the first step toward starting a dog daycare business with his "Special" eCourse, delivered directly to your email inbox!

You'll learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes people make when starting a dog daycare, PLUS -- when you register now, you automatically qualify to receive his FREE Dog Daycare Do's And Don't Hotsheet.

Read case studies of REAL PEOPLE who have already seen Eric Letendre present his Dog Daycare Startup System live.

Case History 1:

"Eric, I just wanted to thank you so much for conducting your recent seminar. Your ideas have enabled us to significantly reduce our start up costs. You have a great personality for teaching and a way of making everyone feel comfortable."

Lauren M., Marshfield, MA

Case History 2:

"I wanted to thank you for giving the seminar. I certainly learned a lot. It was very nice of you to take your time and help all of us. Perhaps you can have another seminar soon."

Sam S., Pace, FL

Case History 3:

"Eric, I just wanted to thank you for giving the seminar on opening a dog daycare. You were very informative and it was great to get all of my questions answered. Thanks again!"

Penny G., Durham, CT

... This system has not been offered in the past eight years. It has been under lock and key and Eric has just recently decided to make it available to the public because of all the people that he talks to requesting help starting a dog daycare.

The Open A Dog Daycare Program includes over 20 videos, reports and samples, walking you through the process, step-by-step. It's the closest thing to having Eric at your side, personally helping you along the way.

Also included is his huge manual with all the particulars you need to know about. It is broken down into three main sections; Business Basics, Marketing Basics and Dog Basics. But don't let the work "Basics" fool you. This system is so complete, even seasoned veterans in the pet care industry would learn a thing or two from it. The manual also has a complete marketing system for you to follow to quickly get the customers you need to make your business a success. This marketing system alone is worth double the cost of the course.

Convincing Eric Letendre to share this information was NOT easy, but he decided to leave nothing out and to give you all of his personal secrets that he has used over the past 15 years to be successful because he wants you to succeed.

You Get The Inside Scoop As You Learn

  • The #1 most critical step to success in the dog daycare business
  • The little-known secret to keep your customers coming back again and again
  • How to get vets to promote your dog daycare
  • How to get FREE publicty for your dog daycare
  • Fun events that will excite your customers and get them to tell all of their dog loving friends about you and your dog daycare (Eric used to do a monthly "Yappy Hour" inviting his clients to stay after the daycare was closed offering them refreshements. It quickly became very popular – you can do the same!)
  • How to use YouTube to promote your dog daycare – Eric will show you how to use this amazing website to get customers
  • Website secrets – how to get a low-cost website that works
  • The most critical factor your dog daycare website needs to generate business – not knowing this will result in lost business
  • What you need to understand about the dynamics of pack behavior
  • The best place to learn about dog behavior and training for free
  • 6 facts you must know about dogs in groups

... and that's just the beginning! You'll also get:

  • Comprehensive industry analysis
  • How to figure your start up costs
  • How to determine your pricing strategy
  • Important contracts and legal issues
  • How to schedule your daily operations
  • Effective management of dogs
  • Effective management of their owners
  • How to easily offer other products and services
  • Finding the right location
  • How to develop an effective marketing plan
  • How to write a business plan if you are looking for investor financing
  • Temperament testing new dogs
  • What to do with an aggressive dog
  • And so much more

Imagine, finely leaving a job that you can't stand and starting your own business working with dogs...

No more 9 to 5 grind, working for someone you don't like, in a job you can't stand.

Be advised, this program is NOT for everyone!

Now before we go any further, I do have to give you fair warning.

This proven system and action plan are for people serious about starting a dog daycare business.

  • If you are NOT committed to achieving your goals...
  • If you are NOT dedicated to obtaining the life you want...
  • If you are NOT willing to invest in learning from others that have done it...
  • If you are NOT serious about providing the best for dogs...

... then this program is NOT for you.

If that's the case, please be honest with yourself and exit this site right now. Really, I am serious. If you are not open to taking action, this is not the program for you.

The Secrets To Opening A Successful Dog Daycare Revealed!

Warning: Do NOT Buy Any Dog Daycare Home Study Course or Ebook Unless It Meets The Following 3 Criteria

One: Experience. Getting help to start your dog daycare business is crucial, but... make sure you get the right help. Someone with real life experience. Eric's been working with dogs and has been in business for over 15 years and you can avoid many of the mistakes that he's made.

Two: Marketing and Advertising advice. In order to be successful in business you need to get clients. The Open A Dog Daycare Program has a complete marketing and advertising system for you to use. Eric has developed a proven method for advertising that is effective and low-cost that you'll be able to use immediately.

Three: Price. Have you seen how much it costs for "How To" packages on how to start your own dog daycare business? I have seen packages that go as high as $2,400! You could start your entire business for less than that, never mind the information on how to start it. Eric's Open A Dog Daycare Program is no where near that high.

You Get At Least Ten Times Your Money's Worth!

You've heard how others have learned, now it's YOUR turn. With Eric's Open A Dog Daycare Program, you can...

  • Earn the money you deserve and live the lifestyle you want!
  • Be thrilled waking up and going to work everyday!

And that's just for starters...

But I've kept the best news until last! Even though Eric Letendre rarely gives seminars anymore...

...And it costs hundreds of dollars to personally consult with him...

...All of Eric's secrets are available to you through the complete Open A Dog Daycare Program, (20 videos, reports and samples, 37 page guidebook and more) – for a limited period only – for the discount price of $97.00.

(That's a discount of more than $50 off the regular price of $150!)

The Best Way To Learn

  • No traveling to seminars, classes and scheduled commitments
  • No thick books you'll never read
  • No prior understanding of dog behavior needed
  • No waiting for anything to arrive in the mail

...And why is he selling the Open A Dog Daycare Program

for Less than $200, or even $150?

Well, for one simple reason.

Since you will be accessing the program directly via the internet, he has no inventory or order fulfillment costs. There's no shipping department, no receptionist, no couriers, etc. He only has to worry about online costs.

Therefore, he can pass those savings on to you. This is win-win for everyone! Eric saves in costs and you save in price!

You have a choice in life.

You can keep doing what you have been doing, which guarantees you will get what you have always gotten. Or, you can do it differently and get all the things you've ever wanted.

If that's what you want. If you want to open and run a successful dog daycare business, then give Eric's Open A Dog Daycare Program a try.

*** WAIT! ***

To ensure your success with this program, IF you qualify to be one of the first 50 people and claim your copy of Eric's Open A Dog Daycare Program now, you will also get...

Free Publicity Report

How To Get FREE Publicity For your Dog Daycare Report

This special report has a step-by-step procedure for you to follow. It shows you exactly how to get press releases printed in local papers. You'll see first-hand the articles that Eric was able to get in the newspaper for free. He did not have to pay one penny for those stories to be published. The value of this report could be worth literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars. $29 value

Business Plan Outline

Business Plan Outline

If you are going to need financing from a bank or from private investors for your dog daycare, you are going to need a business plan. Even if you don't need outside funding, a business plan is a great tool to think through many of the important aspects of your business. This business plan outline covers all the important sections in detail, walking you through the seemingly overwhelming process of writing a business plan, easily. $39 value

IMPACT Marketing

Eric's newest book, IMPACT Marketing

In this book, you will learn all the little-known, low-cost marketing and advertising secrets that you can easily use to make your dog daycare business a huge success. From developing compelling USPs to email marketing, this book will take you step-by-step through 15 key marketing concepts. $24 value

Referral Manual

Referral Manual

When you're first starting out, referrals from friends, family, customers and other industry professionals can be the difference between making it or breaking it in the first six to twelve months. This manual outlines 10 specific strategies you can put in place immediately to start generating a ton of referrals. Use the information provided to easily create a stream of endless referrals. $24 value

Newspaper Advertising Secrets

Little-Known Secrets of Newspaper Advertising

As a new business owner, you need to be prepared when the newspaper sales reps come knocking at your door. Don't let them push you around because you don't know any different. Newspaper advertising is expensive, so be sure to not run any ads in the newspaper until you read this important report. Learn what to do and what not to do when it comes to newspaper advertising. $29 value

Ultimate Website Blueprint

The Ultimate Website Blueprint

All businesses need a website, but before you go shelling out a ton of your start up money on a website, read this manual. It details what you need on your website, and what you don't. Your website is often your business's first impression. Learn how to make it a good one in this blueprint. You'll also discover low and no-cost ways to get a website that really helps grow your business. $29 value

Two Phone Consultations

Two Personal Phone Consultation Coupons

These coupons will get you in touch with Eric directly. I'll admit, there's a lot involved when it comes to starting your own business, and no home study program, no matter how thorough, is going to ever answer all of your questions. To get you started on the right track, you and Eric can have a private conversation (no mass conference call) where you can ask him anything you want regarding your dog daycare business. $250 value

The system is compiled in a downloadable version to allow you to start working on it immediately!

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Wishing you massive success,

Rachael White

Rachael White

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